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About Us

J3*BF came into being because its founding members passionately believe in environmental and social issues and were frustrated by many of the current practices within the construction industry and wider world, and so decided to do something practical about it.

J3*Building Futures was registered as a Limited Liability Partnership in November 2004.

J3*BF is a Limited Liability Partnership for pragmatic reasons. An LLP is a cross between a co-operative and a limited company and affords us the flexibility of being able to embrace new members as equals. J3 is able to draw upon a vast pool of environmentally conscious associates with widespread knowledge and skills whenever necessary.

Founding Members

Jason Hawkes - MSc AEES

Having trodden many paths in life, including the forces, banking, carework, carpentry and backpacking, I have found my spiritual home in environmental science in construction. I have experience in building with natural materials such as timber, rammed earth and straw and have taught at primary, undergraduate and postgraduate level. Sustainability must not just be this years buzzword, it must permeate all our thoughts and actions; anything less would be truly unjust.

James Smith - BA Hons Arch; MSc AEES

My professional experience includes 5 years in project management of both public and commercial projects, and 10 years using AutoCAD in various practices. I have also fitted school laboratories and dental surgeries, made clothes labels, picked fruit, built fairground rides and kept bees. I believe my travels have awoken my environmental consciousness, whereas my broad range of part-time and temporary jobs my social conscience. I am particularly interested in urban sustainability and a better quality of life gained through advancing environmental, social, and personal awareness.

Jason Charles Hawkes
James Robert Smith